Board of Directors


Margaret McNab
(start of term 1/2012)
Chair of Personnel/Governance Committee

After spending the majority of her life on the West Coast, between Montana and Oregon, Margaret moved to Durham on a whim in the Fall of 2009. Years of experience as a Portland-based music industry publicist segued into a public relations role at Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau. While Margaret greatly enjoyed her role of singing Durham’s praises, she recently began pursuing her work as a freelance PR strategist full time. When not out and about, moving and shaking, Margaret can most likely be found on her vintage Schwinn bicycle in three-inch heels.

Vice President

Peter Reintjes
(start of term 6/2008)

After a career in Logic Programming (MCNC, Quintus, and IBM), Bio-Informatics (MCNC, IBM, Glaxo), and two Internet start-ups (NetSpeak, EtchStone), Peter has settled down to do what he really loves: building high-throughput molecular biology equipment and Inductive Logic Programming systems out of the junk that other people throw away — and teaching others how to do the same. He is now the Exhibits Engineer at the Museum of Life and Science.


Natalia Posthill
(start of term 1/2013)
Chair of Green Gallery Committee


Adam Rust
(start of term 8/2012)
Chair of Finance Committee

Adam Rust has been Director of Research at Reinvestment Partners since 2005. He writes about alternative financial services in his blog Bank Talk. In 2012, he testified at the CFPB’s field hearing on prepaid cards. He regularly speaks at conferences about how advocates should divine a path to reforming the prepaid card.

He has master’s degrees in journalism from the University of Missouri and in City and Regional Planning from UNC-Chapel Hill. He is currently pursuing a Master’s in Finance at Indiana University in his spare time.

In 2006, Carolina Academic Press published his book “This is My Home: The Challenges and Opportunities of Manufactured Housing.” In 2009, FHA Secretary David Stevens nominated him to represent consumers on the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee. He testified on the need to reform manufactured housing finance before a Congressional subcommittee in 2012.

Rust is the co-trustee of the Harry L. and Helen M. Rust Foundation. The Rust Foundation operates from Kansas City, Missouri but has supported groups in six states. It makes grants to non-profits working in the fields of education, social services, and health care.



Maria Ruatto
(start of term 9/2012)
Chair of Fundraising/Events


Rob Lineberger
(start of term 7/2012)

As a web developer and IT consultant, Rob has helped several small businesses establish their branding and online presence. As a practicing artist, Rob incorporates found metal pieces into abstract rust paintings and sculptures. Rob is currently balancing two startup companies and a family whilst exploring Durham and its intricacies.


Heather Cashwell
(start of term 11/2012)
Chair of Board Nominating Committee


Cathy Kielar
(start of term 1/2013)
Chair of Capital Campaign Committee

Cathy loves art, percussion and kids. She is living her passion in this fabulous city by owning and operating Music Explorium and playing bass drum for the Bulltown Strutters, a community band started by Cathy and her clarinet-playing husband, Blaise. From time to time Cathy creates new instruments for her Rockin’ Reuse Percussion program. Cooking creatively without gluten or eggs has become a recent endeavor, and she is proudly growing more and more of her own food.


Libby Long Richards
(start of term 3/2013)


Ellen Ciompi
(start of term 4/2013)
FUQUA on Board Representative

After years of donating supplies, hosting children’s parties, and patronizing the market, Ellen Ciompi finally joined the board of The Scrap Exchange in 2013. She’s a native New Yorker but has lived in Durham since 1982 with her clarinet-playing, wine-critiquing husband, Arturo, and their two daughters. Ellen holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music, plus an RN, and currently divides her time between working as a certified Operating Room nurse at UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill, and creating and performing cabaret shows in and around the Triangle area. Over the past couple of years, Ellen has released a CD (“Taking a Chance on Love”, available from her and on iTunes), appeared on the NPR/APM radio show “Piano Puzzler”, written articles for “Durham Magazine”, and been a contestant on “Jeopardy!”. You can follow her exploits at her website,


Brandon Hoe
(start of term 8/2013)

Brandon Hoe survived the concrete jungles of tropical Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
traversed the vast flatlands of the midwest, then finally discovered nirvana in
Durham, North Carolina. He’s been a friend of The Scrap Exchange since 2006 and has walked alongside it and held its hand through financial droughts and watery floods.

Brandon is a graduate of the MBA program at Duke University and the electrical
engineering program at Purdue University, has done product development and
marketing at some of the world’s largest companies and now runs a marketing
agency called ClearSketch.


Kevin McLaughlin
(start of term 12/2013)


FUQUA on Board

Evan Speece
Kate Sternstein

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