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The $25/$50/$100 Art Show 

 In celebration of The Scrap Exchange’s 25th year in operation and 50 years since the Center Theatre opened in Lakewood, The Cameron Gallery presents the $25/$50/$100 Art Show, a community show open to all creative reuse artists. Works in the show will be priced at $25, $50, or $100. Customers may take works with them at the time of purchase to encourage giving local art for the holidays.

 The $25/$50/$100 Art Show was on exhibit from November 18 through December 10.


The Community Weed Wacker Hour 

 The Cameron Gallery presents the work of mixed-media artist Chance Murray, whose paintings depict a dark, strange, and often humorous side of the rural south.

Murray’s work and work process derives from his life on a southern farm.  Paintings incorporate found objects that are rough, rusted, and beaten and works are constructed using traditional farming skills, like woodworking, welding, and wiring. Like farm structures, objects are pieced together, and when necessary, broken apart and salvaged for parts. Chance Murray is a 2011-2012 Durham Arts Council Emerging Arts Grant recipient.

 The Community Weed Wacker Hour was on exhibit from October 21 through November 12.


Dissection of Color 

 The Cameron Gallery presents Dissection of Color featuring works by Sara McCreary. McCreary uses capillary action to spread paint across the canvas and then outlines the resulting areas of color in black marker. Works in Dissection of Color will include large scale paintings, magnets, buttons, and chairs.

 Dissection of Color was on exhibit from September 16 through October 15.


Out of Context

 The Cameron Gallery presents Out of Context, a group show featuring Durham artists Kathryn DeMarco, Linwood Hart, and Libby O’Daniel. The exhibit will consist of mixed-media pieces featuring print materials and found objects that have been removed from their original contexts and that gain new and different meanings within the context of the art works.

 Out of Context was on exhibit from August 19 through September 10.


Something Human 

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The Cameron Gallery presents the work of artist and former Scrap Exchange store manager, Julia Gartrell. Gartrell recently returned to Durham following an artist residency at Arrowmont School of Art and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. In her sculpture, Gartrell ‘explores the materiality of identity…using family lore to interrogate Southern craft tradition, story-telling, and ingenuity’. Gartrell’s work incorporates found objects, scavenged materials, quilted scrap fabrics, and clay gathered from sites around Durham County.

 Something Human was on exhibit from July 15 through August 13.


Mottainai! Waste not, Want not 

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 The Scrap Exchange is honored to welcome artist Katherine Soucie and the Vancouver-based art collective Sans Soucie to the Cameron Gallery. Katherine hand dyes waste hosiery from North Carolina textile mills and then uses this material to create large scale installations.  Artists in the Sans Soucie collective then use the waste product from Katherine’s artistic practice to create their work. Work featured in Mottainai! Waste not Want not will include clothing and rugs by artist Michelle Sirois-Silver, jewelry by Diane Farnsworth, and embroidery by Kristen Chursinoff.

The week preceding the opening, Katherine Soucie will be in residence at the creative reuse center dyeing waste hosiery and creating a wall installation in the Cameron Gallery. She will also host a workshop on Sunday, June 19 about using environmentally friendly dyes. Workshop participants will learn the sequential acid dyeing process and will leave with their own hand-dyed fabric samples as well as recipes to create their own dyes. More information about the workshop can be found here: scrapexchange.org/programs/classes/

 Mottainai! Waste not Want not was on exhibit from June 17 to July 9.


The Cameron Gallery presents 10 DEEP 25, a group show featuring artists that have strong ties to The Scrap Exchange. The show celebrates The Scrap Exchange’s important role in the Durham arts community for 25 years by being a resource for art materials, by promoting and showcasing the work of creative reuse artists, and by serving as a hub for the local creative community.  Artists featured in 10 DEEP 25 include Bryant Holsenbeck, Cici Stevens, Stacey Kirby, Ann Woodward, Sara McCreary, Jeff Goll, David Rogers, Travis Cohn, Tom Dawson, Gary Pohl, and Bruce Mitchell.

10 DEEP 25 was on exhibition from May 20 to June 11.



Friends and Family

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Opening Reception: Third Friday, April 15 from 6-9pm

The Scrap Exchange is celebrating 25 years as a pioneer and leader in the creative reuse industry with the opening of Friends and Family in the Cameron Gallery this Third Friday, April 15. Friends and Family is our annual open-call, non-juried art show open to all members of The Scrap Exchange’s community. It is a true celebration of the creative spirit present within all of us.

Friends and Family was on exhibition from April 15-May 14.


Recycling is for the Birds: Birdhouses using reclaimed wood by Jefferson Garvey

Opening Reception: Third Friday, March 18 from 6-9pm

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This Third Friday, the Cameron Gallery presents the work of craftsman Jefferson Garvey. Garvey retrieves wood, tin, and decorative elements from abandoned and dilapidated farmhouses in Eastern North Carolina and uses these materials to create whimsical and unique birdhouses. Garvey’s interest in agricultural history in rural North Carolina led directly to his artistic work, as he preserves these farmhouses and their history through his creations.

Recycling is for the Birds was on exhibition from March 18-April 9, 2016



Past Tense/Future Perfect: Group show curated by artists Maria Britton and April Childers.

Opening Reception: Third Friday, February 19th from 6 to 9p.m.

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The Cameron Gallery presents Past Tense/Future Perfect, a group show featuring the works of seven artists who incorporate found objects into their studio practice. Multi-media works in Past Tense/Future Perfect explore ties to the past and include old toys, doodads, windsurfing sails, studio debris, bed sheets, take out menus, and bits of sound. Artists in Past Tense/Future Perfect include Maria Britton, April Childers, Jeff DeGolier, Alicia Gibson, Michael Mahalchick, Jennifer Sullivan, and Ben Vida. The exhibit is curated by Maria Britton and April Childers, Co-Directors of L.O.G., an experimental art space in Chapel Hill.

Past Tense/Future Perfect was on exhibition from February 19- March 12, 2016


Danger Dawson

Prospect Refuge Mystery Surprise:
Installation by Tom Dawson, Artist in Residence at The Scrap Exchange.

Opening Reception: Friday, January 15th from 6 to 9 p.m.

Click here to see the Flickr page for Prospect Refuge Mystery Surprise

The Cameron Gallery is excited to open its 2016 exhibition season with an installation by Tom Dawson, The Scrap Exchange’s artist in residence. Dawson will convert the Cameron Gallery into an ‘unscaled architectural model for a yet-to-be imagined landscape.’ Merging his sculptural practice with his work in landscape architecture, Dawson’s installation will explore how humans read and comprehend open spaces.

This show was on exhibition from January 15 – through February 13, 2016.

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