Message from Ann: August/September 2016

Dear Friends, Happy Summer! Have you been to The Scrap Exchange lately? Things have been bumping! We’re always trying to keep it fresh and just this week we did some re-arranging to highlight some of our favorite materials — fabric fabric fabric (of course) and art supplies! Also we are … Continue reading

Introducing… “Rio de Reuse”!

Rio de Reuse permanent store installation by Bryant Holsenbeck opening reception on Friday, September 21, 6-9pm … with a fish-making station for guests to add to our school of fish … and a public parade down the river at 7:30! This month’s Third Friday festivities will celebrate more than the opening … Continue reading

Victor and the Fire Engine

My friend Cathy has a 2-year-old named Victor. Victor is adorable and generally sweet, but he’s in that phase of life where he likes to say “No.” Sometimes he gets in a mood where he’ll say “no” to pretty much anything. “Do you want to ride in your stroller?” “No.” … Continue reading