Donate Materials- New Location

The Scrap Exchange accepts drop-off donations 11:00am-6:30pm seven days/week.

Our donation drop-off location has changed! It is now located in our new Scrap Thrift store at 2020 Chapel Hill Road, Suite 31, Durham, NC 27707. Here is the Google map to our store.

The new donation drop-off location includes convenient drive thru, curb side service to make donating to The Scrap Exchange easier than ever before. Simply follow the signs outside of our building to the new donation area next to our new thrift store.

All donated items should be clean and sorted.

If you have questions about our donations policy or what items can be donated, please call us at 919-401-0552 or email us at collections [at] 

Items we accept include (but are not limited to) the following…

Accessories, belts, purses, hats, gloves
Architectural and design samples
Art Supplies
Bottle caps, corks, rubber bands
Bicycles, bike parts and accessories
Christmas lights and wreaths
Clothing and shoes, clean and in good condition
Craft Supplies
Crates and tubs, storage totes with lids, stackable drawers, clementine crates, milk crates
Fabric and Yarn
Fasteners and fixtures, hooks, doorknobs, screws, nails, wire, rope, keys, locks
Gears and wheels, no car tires please!
Gift wrap (on rolls) and party supplies
Glass jars,
baby food jars, mason jars, glass vases
Housewares, pots, pans, utensils, teakettles, serve-ware, toasters, etc
Jewelry, costume, broken, and fancy
Musical Instruments, No pianos please (we cannot accommodate large scale instruments)
Office supplies, paper clips, pens, notepads, phone memo books, file folders
Packing materials, moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, no block styrofoam please!
Photography equipment and projectors
Picture frames
Reusable Shopping Bags
Science and lab glass
Sewing  accessories
Small electronics, telephones, remote controls, speakers, radios
Sporting Goods
Tins and containers, decorative tins, cigar boxes, coffee tins, oatmeal containers
power tools, hand tools, yard and garden equipment
Toys and Games
Trophies and awards, plaques, trophies, ribbons
Vintage and collectible items, trunks and suitcases, typewriters, adding machines, trinkets, toys, board games, books, puzzles, comic books
Wooden dowels, small craft wood

 And Ca$h Money, $10’s $20’s $50’s, Diamonds, gold !


Donate Industrial Materials
The Scrap Exchange works to reduce industrial waste through creative reuse.

As much as 70% of materials trucked to municipal landfills come from business and industry. By diverting this waste to people who can use it in education, art, and recreation, local businesses can reduce the waste stream and also help enrich education and the arts.

Donors receive a tax letter recognizing the fair market value of their donation along with the positive benefit of giving back to the community.

We collect materials from over 250 businesses within a 100-mile radius of Durham, sending a van out on a regular schedule to collect materials that are left over from production processes or business operations. We collect clean, safe, reusable industrial discards as well as new, finished products that are no longer needed by businesses.

Call us at 919-401-0552 or email us at collections[at] for more information about our Collections program.

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