Donate Materials

Donate Industrial Materials

The Scrap Exchange works to reduce industrial waste through creative reuse.

As much as 70% of materials trucked to municipal landfills come from business and industry. By diverting this waste to people who can use it in education, art, and recreation, local businesses can reduce the waste stream and also help enrich education and the arts.

Donors receive a tax letter recognizing the fair market value of their donation along with the positive benefit of giving back to the community.

We collect materials from over 250 businesses within a 100-mile radius of Durham, sending a van out on a regular schedule to collect materials that are left over from production processes or business operations. We collect clean, safe, reusable industrial discards as well as new, finished products that are no longer needed by businesses.

Call us at 919-688-6960 or email us at collections[at] for more information about our Collections program.

Donate Residential Materials

We receive hundreds of drop-off donations a year. We welcome craft materials, art supplies, vintage goodies, and other unique items, as long as they are delivered to us during our regular store hours. (Please do NOT leave donations outside our door.)

Please call the store at 919-688-6960 before bringing in your donation to make sure we can accept it.

We are located at 2050 Chapel Hill Road, Durham, NC 27707. Here is the Google map to our store.

***We do our best to accommodate all types of donations. However, we do reserve the right to turn down donations at any time***

It is always a good idea to call ahead if you are unsure about your donation (919-688-6960). And if we cannot take your donation, there are other reuse organizations in the area that can! Check out our Reuse Resource page with links to information about where you can donate other materials to good causes here in the Triangle region.

We are currently taking the following materials. Please bring in only clean and pre-sorted items.

  • Craft Supplies
  • Yarn + knitting supplies
  • Fabric (as long as it has never been used as bedding, clothing or curtains)
  • Sewing supplies and vintage sewing patterns
  • Art supplies (paint, brushes, etc.)
  • Vintage items (‘80s or earlier)
  • Picture frames
  • Paper (including wrapping paper, matboard, foam board)
  • Corks, bottle caps + twist ties
  • Office supplies
  • Latex house paint (at least half full, with no rust on the can)
  • Packing peanuts, bubble wrap
  • Craft magazines, National Geographic, ,art magazines
  • Old windows and doors (wood only)
  • Metal (hardware, small pieces of sheet metal, nothing dangerous or huge)
  • Artificial flowers
  • Candles + wax
  • Stickers
  • Records, CDs, floppy disks
  • Sterile, unused lab equipment
  • Beads
  • Tile
  • Mason jars, and glass baby food jars
  • Empty (unused) prescription bottles


We are currently NOT accepting the following items:

  • Food containers or diaper containers
  • VHS tapes (we will accept feature films in their original boxes)
  • CD cases
  • Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
  • Appliances
  • Toys (we will accept vintage toys)
  • Wood
  • Used prescription/medicine bottles
  • Furniture
  • Toiletries (bath salts, perfume, etc.)
  • Used Batteries
  • Bedding or window coverings of any kind
  • Clothing or cut-up clothing
  • Toxic chemicals, Aerosol Containers, Oil Based Paints, Thinners and Solvents
  • Computers, printers, monitors, modems, etc. (we will accept keyboards, mice, vintage and unusual electronics)
  • Household recycling
  • Decorative or Pre-Fabricated Craft Objects (Figurines, dolls, home décor)
  • Plates and dishes
  • Books (except for craft books and vintage books suitable for art projects)
  • Pamphlets or other promotional materials (unless graphically interesting or super cool
  • Used sewing patterns
  • Carpet sample books


We also have a Wish List of items we’d like to have donated to us!

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