Job Description: Warehouse Lead

Title: Warehouse Lead

Work Week: 40 hours per week

Reports to: Deputy Director

Compensation: $14-$16/hour, Health, Dental and Short-Term Disability benefits, generous paid-time off.

Overall Responsibility

Work with staff and board to fulfill The Scrap Exchange mission by taking lead role in managing materials for use in Scrap Exchange programs including retail thrift sales and creative arts programming.


Materials Management

  • Work with processing staff and retail store staff to make sure that drop-off donations can be received and processed in an efficient manner
  • Ensure systems are in place for proper documentation of incoming materials
  • Understand the value of materials and which items are best in which program area. Ensure that materials end up in the right place for best use.
  • Work to ensure that drop-off donations are properly quantified.



  • Maintain inventory and organization of the warehouse
  • Maintain equipment used for transporting materials (forklift, pallet jacks, hand trucks, flatbed carts, etc.)
  • Manage rotation of bulk materials from the warehouse to the retail store
  • Responsible (in conjunction with other staff) for keeping loading docks clean and safe
  • Serve as a second pick-up person to help with business pickups
  • Help unload trucks/vans returning from pickups and ensure that materials are stored in appropriate locations
  • Perform daily rounds to ensure that gaylords of materials are moved to the proper location for sorting/processing or for discard storage as needed
  • Maintain safety aisles to ensure clear egress in all areas where materials are stored or processed
  • Support retail and donations staff as needed


Industrial Discard Materials (Business Pickups)

  • Work with staff to ensure adequate materials are on hand for creative arts program activities.
  • Work with staff to ensure materials are managed safely and properly.
  • Manage rotation of bulk materials to Last-Chance Shop


Volunteer Program

  • Help set up and facilitate materials processing projects for volunteer groups.
  • Work in conjunction with other staff members to ensure that volunteers at The Scrap Exchange are utilized in an efficient and effective manner that benefits both the individual volunteers and the organization


Working Conditions

  • A high frequency of unassisted heavy lifting.
  • Bending, stooping and climbing.
  • Working in varying temperatures
  • Standing and walking for extended periods of times
  • Operating cargo van, box truck, fork lift. (Must have valid driver’s license and be approved by our vehicle insurance provider as an insured driver.)
  • Operating a motor vehicle safely in a variety of situations- for example backing into tight spaces, up ramps backwards, etc.



Please submit cover letter, resume and three references via email to jobs [at] no later than September 21, 2017


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