Corporate Teambuilding


Need to refresh your work group? Get their creative juices flowing? Let us bring our famous blue barrels to your organization. We offer a range of programs, from structured, goal-oriented activites to free-form collaborative fun.


Creative Art Making and Community Building

Each participant can make a project from the materials based on their own unique way of looking at the company, and the world. Participants explore their imagination as they get to know their co-workers.


Hats off to you!

Each team will build a prototype hat for your department and each person’s role within it. All elements that are reflective of the creative process uniting your group, and celebrate what each individual has to offer.



This activity concentrates on the importance of each of the moving parts of a machine. The group decides what the machine does, and then each sub group determines their contribution, symbolically reflecting how the participants play, work and create together.


New Company Banner

Participants create the elements of a team/office banner that represents their company. Participants will work in teams to design and create each element of the banner.


Team Mascots

Create an office mascot to represent your team! Participants can work in one group or smaller teams to create one or several mascots to represent their shared inspirations and goals in the workplace.


3-D Board Game

Teams will create the rules of the game, design elements, motivations, along with strategies on how to win the game. All of the elements of the game are representative of the company’s motivations and operations.


Service Project

Your company can change the world through community service and civic engagement! We offer service projects at The Scrap Exchange as an auxiliary activity to the creative team building program as they work together to process materials and keep the facility organized.


Contact Outreach and Events Manager Lindsey Miller at 919-213-1278 to discuss any of these options and pricing.

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