Team Building Workshops

Want to refresh your work group or get your team’s creative juices flowing? Join us at The Scrap Exchange or at your location for a creative team building program.

Team members will work collaboratively to design and build a thematic art project using our fun, colorful, and unique materials. At the same time, they’ll enhance their collective creativity and problem solving skills.

Here are the programs we provide:

Hats Off to You! 

Each team uses the materials to build a prototype hat for your department. Within that structure, each teammate will then use the unifying design concept to build their own hats reflective of their own job and responsibilities. Symbols, colors, design elements, and connecting materials highlight the creative process uniting your group while celebrating individual contributions.

New Company Banner

Participants design a team, department, or company banner using the unique supplies provided. Each banner element should communicate their purpose, values, audience, and work culture. Smaller groups collaborate on particular components, and then all pieces merge for the final product.

Team Mascots

Create mascots representing your team! Your team can work as one or in groups to shape mascots emphasizing purpose, values, audience, and work culture. How does your team perceive itself and how do those ideas fuse together? When complete, each mascot serves as a reminder of shared inspirations and goals in the workplace.

Service Project

Engage your colleagues to change the world through community service and civic engagement. We offer service projects as an auxiliary activity to the creative team building program. Your team can engage with one another as they support our organization’s mission. We are grateful for the support of many volunteers to process materials and organize our facility.

At The Scrap Exchange: 

$300 minimum for a 2 hour program for up to 10 participants or $30.00 per person for 11 or more participants. 40 person maximum.

$50.00 per person for a 2 hour program, 40 person maximum

Off-site programs more than 20 miles from our location may require additional fees for mileage, travel allowance, and/or accommodations. Customizing your own program may incur additional consulting fees.

If you are interested in booking a program with us, please allow 2+ weeks notice and submit an inquiry form through the link provided.  Complete our Google form to request more information about booking a Team Building Program! 

Please remember completing this form is not a reservation. We make every effort to respond to your inquiry within 72 business hours. A deposit and signed contract are required to secure the date, and the remaining balance is due on the day of the program.

Contact Anna Graves, Outreach and Education Manager, at events[at] or 919-213-1278 with questions.

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