Seasonal Programming

The Scrap Exchange serves summer camp providers all across the Triangle!

After hosting our own summer camps in 2015 and 2016, we renewed our focus on providing programming for camp programs run by others in 2017.

We offer a variety of programs for summer camp providers,
at our location or yours!


Our schedule in the Make N Take room fills up quickly, so please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to book a program at our location. Our traveling program schedule is more flexible.

We require advance reservations for all programs where we come to you as well as for all programs in our Make N Take room that include more than 10 participants. Groups with fewer than 10 participants may come in for drop-in hours but should call in advance to confirm that the room is available.

Basic Pricing Structure (please contact us to confirm availability and/or for a price quote):

Open Studio: $5 per participant for 1.5 hours. This is a self-led program in the Make N Take room at The Scrap Exchange. A Scrap Exchange staff member will provide an introduction to the room and the materials available for use; following this overview, participants are free to interact with the materials and to explore and create to their hearts’ content. We ask that participants tidy up their materials and workspace at the end of their program time. (A $15 deposit is required to reserve the room for groups of 10 or more participants.)

Workshops: Workshops are priced based on the number of participants and the length of the program. This is a staff-led program. A Scrap Exchange staff member will introduce the group to basic concepts of creative reuse, explore the materials to be used in the program, and facilitate creativity throughout the length of the program.

For up to 30 participants:
$130 per hour (2-hour minimum if we come to your location)


For up to 75 participants:
$175 per hour (2-hour minimum if we come to your location)


We offer four programs options for Workshops and Open Studio:

Make N Take: an eco-friendly creative arts activity
Participants use our fascinating collection of materials – industrial discards ranging from fabric to floppy disks (and everything in between!) – to create anything they can imagine. We provide barrels of materials along with scissors, tape and staplers to create with. Creativity and imagination are unleashed as participants make rocket ships, costumes, robots, sculptures, and so much more. Participants can take home whatever they make. This program is best for ages 5 and up.


Junk Jams: creative percussion and rhythm education
Our percussion program allows everyone to play with sound using our collection of instruments built from buckets, pots, pans, and other reclaimed materials. The program is designed so anyone can participate – no musical experience is necessary! Our facilitator leads the drum circles with a second staff person to assist. This program is great for all ages, but is best for ages 4 and up.


Build It!: transforming playtime with unusual materials
Playtime helps kids build friendships, develop new skills and engage their imaginations by providing the opportunity to explore and be creative. To foster inventive free-play we’ve developed Build It!

We provide kits of “loose parts” that transform any area into a fantastical world of play. Loose parts include items like blocks, fabric, netting, tubes, typewriters, telephones, and more. You’ll be amazed at the creative ways kids engage with these materials and with each other. This program is great for preschool aged children, ages 2 to 5 years old.


Take-Apart Station: tinkering fun and education
This portable kit contains obsolete electronics and old appliances that participants can dismantle. Inside, they’ll find transistors, circuit boards, keys, buttons and other interesting gizmos and gadgets. Participants may take the pieces home or leave them behind for us to reuse. Kids and adults can see the components that allow electronics to operate … without having to try to figure out how to get it all back together! We provide all items to be dismantled as well as tools (screwdrivers, wrenches) and safety equipment (gloves, safety glasses). This program works best with small groups (10-20 participants), ages 8 and up.


Local camps that have booked programming with us for 2017 include:

To request more information or to book a program, please contact us at events (at) or call us at 919-213-1278. Our normal office hours are from 9:30 to 5:30 Monday through Saturday.

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