Creative Reuse CON Agenda


Wednesday October 18, 2017

7:30-8:30              Breakfast

8:30-8:35              Introductions:
                                  Ann Rebeck, Development Director, The Scrap Exchange

8:35-8:40              Welcome:
                                 Ellen Ciompi, Board President, The Scrap Exchange

8:40-9:00              The Scrap Exchange Vision:
                                 Ann May Woodward, Executive Director, The Scrap Exchange

9:00-9:45              Conference Check-in

9:45-10:00           Opening remarks:
                                Joe Appleton, The Scrap Exchange Co-founder

10:00-10:15         Welcoming Address:
                                 Ann May Woodward, Executive Director, The Scrap Exchange

10:15-10:45         Keynote: Why now is the right time for Creative Reuse Visionaries
                                 Kelley Carmichael Casey: National E.D. SCRAP USA

11:00-11:45         Presentation: Common Threads for Success
                                 Kate Stock, SCRAP USA

12:00-1:30           Lunch/Tour: (small group tours starting at 12:15, 12:45, and 1:30)

1:45-2:30             Presentation: Hot Button Issues for the Creative Reuse Industry
                                 MaryEllen Etienne, Reuse International

2:30-2:45             Break

2:45-3:30             Presentation: Maximizing Resources
                                 Ashley Andrews, Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

3:30-3:45              Musical Break

3:45-5:00              Round Table Sessions: sessions rotate every 20 minutes

— Executive Director by Kelly Tipler, Turnip Green Creative Reuse
— Creative Reuse Models by Madeline James, The Scrap Exchange
— Relationship building by Barbara Moore, Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse
— Volunteer Management by Ashley Andrews , Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse
— Best Business Practices by Rebecca Currie, The Scrap Exchange


Thursday October 19, 2017

9:30-10:00           Check-in

10:00-11:15         Panel: Keys to Success in Materials Management
                                 Madeline James, The Scrap Exchange, Kirsten Junor, Reverse Garbage,
                                 and Kelly Tipler, Turnip Green Creative Reuse

11:15-11:30          Break

11:30-12:30         Presentation: Fundraising and Grants
                                 Barbara Moore & Evelyn Mann
                                 Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

12:30-2:00           Lunch/ Hands-on Artist Presentation
                                 The Scrap Exchange Design Center

2:00-2:45              Panel: Creative Reuse Education
                                 Marina Seevak, The Beautiful Stuff Project
                                 Marcia Brooks, Lakewood Avenue Children’s School
                                 Lisa LeDoux, SCRAP USA

2:45-4:00              Round Table Sessions: will rotate every 20 minutes

— Governance: Strategies for Success by Kirsten Junor, Reverse Garbage
— Marketing/social media/story-telling by Diana Shark, The Scrap Exchange
— Programming and Services for Artists by Leah Sherry, Turnip Green Creative Reuse
— Equity, Diversity and Inclusion by Liz Start, SCRAP USA
— Unconference session*

*What is an unconference session? Topics presented in these sessions will be created by the attendees the first two days of the conference. Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion will claim a time and a space on the Unconference Board. Discussions can include those wishing to share knowledge with the group or someone requesting help with a specific area of their business. Five topics will be chosen based on audience needs and presented in open discussions format. There are two rules for unconference session: Rule #1: Whoever is here is the right group of people to be here. Rule #2: If a session isn’t working for you — if you are not learning from it or contributing to it — it is your duty as an unconference participant to leave and go to a different session.


4:00-5:00              Closing Address: People with Purpose
                                 Phil Nanlohy, Reverse Garbage

5:00-7:00              Closing Cocktail Party
                                 The Scrap Exchange Make N Take Room

BONUS DAY: Friday October 20, 2017 — The Scrap Exchange Model

11:00-12:00          RAD TOUR
                                 Get an in-depth tour of the entire Reuse Arts District campus
                                 led by Ann May Woodward

12:00-1:00            Materials & Fabric Processing
                                 A hands-on tour and demo by Madeline James

1:00-2:00              Make N Take/Junk Jam Programming
                                 Explore our traveling creative arts program for community fairs and festivals,
                                 schools, businesses, summer camps, and other organizations. Session led
                                 by Outreach Coordinator, Anna Graves

6:00-9:00              Cameron Gallery Reception:
                                 Gallery opening for Blind Field, an installation by Kelly Johnston of Chapel
                                 Hill, NC. The evening’s festivities include light snacks and drinks,
                                 as well as free art making in the Make and Take room


Special thanks to our local business donors:
American Party Rentals, Burt’s Bees, Cocoa Cinnamon, Durham Co-op Market,
Durham Public Library and Scratch Bakery/The Lakewood Restaurant.

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