Snow Day

March 3rd 2009This is a picture of the note I found when I went to work yesterday. We had missed 2 people who had driven from Massachusetts to come to The Scrap Exchange, at least that is my interpretation of the note. I am hoping that they were able to … Continue reading

Save the date!

We’ve just set the date for our spring warehouse fabric sale. Saturday March 28th from 10-1. If you’ve never been to one of our fabric sales before (or even if you have) you don’t want to miss it! We already have low prices in our store, but the prices for … Continue reading

We Love Scrap!

Mongo isn’t the only Scrap Exchanger who needs love! The front of the store is looking great as well. You may not be able to tell by these blurry, tiny, badly lit, cellphone photos, but the store is chock full of totally in focus goodies. If you look closely you … Continue reading

Now listing…

We’ve started selling on Ebay! We’ve sold a few items in the past, but now we’re going full steam ahead with our fabulous Ebay expert Ruth. So check it out! Our user name is scrapexchange. And we put out a bunch of kids plastic beads recently in the store. Great … Continue reading

Victor and the Fire Engine

My friend Cathy has a 2-year-old named Victor. Victor is adorable and generally sweet, but he’s in that phase of life where he likes to say “No.” Sometimes he gets in a mood where he’ll say “no” to pretty much anything. “Do you want to ride in your stroller?” “No.” … Continue reading

Wallpaper and Patsy Aiken trim!

Ooh! We got some good stuff in! A huge stack of wallpaper books and oodles of Patsy Aiken seam binding and trim. My dilemma? What to make first! It’s perfect for all those holiday cards and gifts you need to make. Or makes a great gift for your favorite crafter.


The day of the great feast is nearly upon us. I look forward to stuffing myself with turkey, potatoes and pumpkin pie. It is also, of course, a day of giving thanks. I am thankful for my boyfriend, my family, my friends. I am also thankful to our customers and … Continue reading