NC Art Educator’s Conference

Last weekend I went to the North Carolina Art Educators Conference in Asheville. It was the perfect time to go to Asheville—the leaves had turned, but not yet fallen. It was a beautiful drive into the mountains.

We go to this conference every year and really enjoy the chance to meet with art teachers from across the state. A lot of them live far away from The Scrap Exchange and don’t get a chance to visit the store, so we bring the store to them. It’s fun to see how excited they get over our materials and our prices—much like what happens when we get a newbie in the store.

I also had the opportunity to teach a workshop to a group of teachers and aspiring teachers. It was inspiring to see the creations they made with the materials we brought—a puppet made from a paper soup container, a few fabulous (and very different) dolls, and a castle, to name a few. There were a few who were disconcerted when I told them we don’t use glue when we do events and workshops, but everyone managed to make something cool. And one of the teachers who seemed horrified by the lack of glue later commented that it was actually a really great challenge and forced her to be more creative. And it is, of course, part of our mission to promote creativity, so hooray!

My favorite non-working part of the trip? The Shriner Parade. Who doesn’t love a bunch of old(er) men driving around miniature cars?

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