Swap-O-Rama Rama!

The Swap in Raleigh on September 5th was great, thanks so much to everyone who participated!

We thought we’d post some pictures so people who haven’t been able to make it yet can see what goes on at one of our Swaps.

Of course the main point of our Swap-O-Rama Ramas is to put clothes that are languising in closets back into circulation — so all of us can get new (to us) stuff!

But it’s also to promote “creativity over consumerism.”

So we have stations for …

And even a station where you can turn clothes into wall art (thanks, Ruth!).

It’s all tons of fun.

You can take whatever you like from whatever other swappers have brought in, and wear it as-is or bring it over to one of the stations for further embellishments.

We have staff and volunteers on hand to help with the sewing and screenprinting …

And we have other fun stuff going on like a raffle…

And a fashion runway for swapper to show off their finds and creations.

It’s awesome!

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