Shop from our Craftland Artists December 13

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Do your holiday shopping at Craftland Holiday Market and support local creative re-use artists!

We have a great variety of artists lined up for this Saturday, December 13!

    • Pretty enough to eat, eco-friendly soaps from ELK Soaps
    • Imaginative mixed-media creations from Saint 508
    • Paper Poseables’ Poplocks to spark ideas for creative building
    • Dolls, children’s aprons, and other textile gifts made from re-purposed fabrics from Hanunah Habeeballah
    • Fused glass jewelry from glass factory discards by Dickinson Designs
    • Pindot Papers’ stationery sets and life-like paper flowers from discarded paper
    • Eco Soft Art’s quilted wall-hangings, table runners, and placemats created from up-cycled fabrics
    • Glenda Alexander’s woven baskets created with invasive vines and up-cycled, quilted wall-hangings, aprons, and other textiles

Avoid the crowds at the big box stores and stop by The Scrap Exchange. Check out the ingenuity of our local creative reuse artists and be inspired to create your own up-cycled gifts.  Just take a look at what you’ll find!

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