Message from Ann: May/June 2016

How does your garden grow? The Scrap Exchange’s gardens are growing growing growing!

Have you noticed our community garden plots on the east side of our courtyard? We’ve also got a dedicated team of staff and volunteers working on the front area, as we work to replace the original landscaping with something that is both more productive and more artful.

A grant from Duke’s Doing Good in the Neighborhood program helped jump start the process — we were able to hire urban farmer Hendall Loeffler to lead the team. We’ve also had great support from dedicated professionals like Rachel Preston and Travis Cohn, along with contributions from local businesses including The Rock Shop. We thank everyone for their support!

Soon we’ll be bringing in the goat patrol to take on the kudzu, and thanks to Mike Dupree of the Durham County Soil and Water department, we’ll be working on de-paving 2,000 sq ft of paved courtyard area.

We’ve been able to engage some of our young neighbors, getting them to garden with us, and have been giving them plants to take home. We like to start ’em young!

I’ve also been having some DEEP thoughts about the Cameron Gallery and the exhibit that opens on Friday, curated by Jim Kellough (aka Little Jimmy), a longtime Durham Art Star — anyone remember the Modern Museum of Art that Jim ran back in the day? — and esteemed member of our gallery committee.

The show celebrates a collection of Jim’s fellow Durham Art Stars, like Bryant Holsenbeck, Cici Stevens, Tom Dawson, David Rogers, Jeff Goll, Stacey Kirby and others — all of whom have been making art for a long long time.

I remember Jeff Goll’s work in the 1990s, and when he was selling his gourds with messages through the Metropolitan Museum of Art shop. One of my favorites was a piece that said “Cheerful and Confident.”

Also featured will be Bryant Holsenbeck — one of my mentors, a friend, and one of the co-founders of The Scrap Exchange. Her wrapping technique has taken her around the world, most recently to Australia!

I’ve been fortunate to travel with her on occasion, helping her with artist residencies at Arrowmont and Haystack, where she not only teaches the technique but also opens the hearts of her students with poetry, community, and caring. You can’t help but dig deep during these weeklong intensives and come out changed for the better.

The opening is this Friday, May 20 from 6 to 9 p.m. Come out and meet the artists!

And of course we have LOTS of events, classes and other programs coming up

Pop Up Thrift returns this weekend, Saturday 5/21 and Sunday 5/22 from 8 a.m. to noon. Come on out for some bargains!

We’ve also got some great classes coming up, including 6+ classes a week of community yoga in our secret upstairs lair. (Thank you Joy Mickle for your work organizing the yoga program!)

And we’ll be serving as the location for the 5th Annual Bull City BBQ Classic on Saturday, June 4th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., with BBQ chefs cooking and offering up tasty treats. There’s always something going on around here. Come check it out!

Hope to see you out and about…

With many thanks,

Ann May Woodward
Executive Director
The Scrap Exchange

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