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On the first day of 2021, here’s our TOP 10 ACCOMPLISHMENTS and favorite moments last year despite the pandemic tribulation of 2020!

#10 OUR REACH: Did you know that the Scrap Exchange interacted with more than 100,000 people through store visitors and (pre-pandemic) Outreach & Education programs? We look forward to teaching students about REUSE and holding in person workshops & creative classes soon.

#9 NEW WEBSITE: We launched our new website in February 2020 and our Online Store (since we were closed for the pandemic) in Mid-March. Since then, we have maintained the online store and created blogs and other new features on our website. We hope you will check it out and schedule an online donation appointment soon!

#8 REALLY ORGANIZED STORES: While we were closed, we had extra time to organize… a lot! We hope you noticed our improved signage and better flow to help you find exactly what you wanted to locate new treasures (and things you didn’t even know you needed) with ease.

#7 FACE COVERINGS GALORE: During the Stay at Home closures, we found new ways to serve the community and keep several staff members employed. We made OVER 15,000 Reusable Masks and participated in the City of Durham’s Face Covering Initiative. Your support enabled us to giveaway more than 10,000 masks to Durham’s most vulnerable residents. Our work continues and you can still support this effort in 2021!

#6 COMMUNITY GARDEN: If you have not seen our awesome garden renovations, it is a sight to behold! We have revitalized our pollinator garden, upgraded our garden boxes and even added a snazzy Bee Hotel!

#5 ONLINE CLASSES: WE HEARD YOU and are premiering lots of Scrappy Art & Reuse Classes online in 2021. Supporting the arts has never been more important! Plus, we are rolling out classes on homemade cleaning supplies, Thrift Flips, and even videos of Scrap Exchange’s history. Check out our current online class listings.

#4 SOCIAL JUSTICE: We launched a social justice mask line to coincide with our Truth to Power 8 Art exhibit, in collaboration with Pleaides Art Gallery. These face coverings feature locally sourced fabric from Spoonflower and tons of underrepresented patterns. There are more than 25 different masks available and new options launching in 2021. Need a mask refresh? We’ve got something for everyone including BLM prints, LGBTQIIA+, Notorious RBG, Girl Power, Latinx, Afro Hair Love, and so much more!

#3 NEW TECHNOLOGY: We love our upgraded register system, which gives us the ability to send coupons, log discounts more efficiently, digitize our frequent scrapper cards loyalty program, & sell gift cards online + in store. Three cheers for modern technology!!!

#2 YOUR SUPPORT: This year has stretched us to our limit and shown us how important our mission of REUSE matters to the Durham community. While the financial strain of the pandemic created a lasting effect, it also strengthened our resolve. YOU, our supporters, rallied to our side to ensure we weathered this storm. And we have emerged stronger, with clear eyes and a vision for success in 2021 and beyond. Thanks to you, the Scrap Exchange survived 29 years and is poised to turn 30 in April 2021!

#1 COLLABORATIONS:This year we are so proud of all the amazing things that happened on our campus with help from other local nonprofit organizations. Some examples are:

  • FREE COVID TESTING in our parking lot, a collaboration with El Centro Hispano and Durham Health Department
  • FREE WEEKLY FOOD DISTRIBUTIONS on our campus, a collaboration with Durham Community Food Pantry, Fed Up-Fight for $15 and other partners
  • A BEAUTIFUL CREEK & COMMUNITY MURAL created by the amazing team at El Futuro
  • FREE WIFI AND COMPUTER USAGE last November, a collaboration with Durham Literacy Center and Durham Library’s Mobile Tech Lab
  • FREE CLOTHING VOUCHERS for community members in need,in collaboration with StepUp Durham and other social service nonprofits
  • ART SUPPLIES FOR VULNERABLE FAMILIES in collaboration with Art Therapy Institute, United Way & McDougald Terrace Funding, and others
  • MORE THAN 10,000 FREE FACE COVERINGS given out in collaboration with Durham Has You Covered, Duke Health, and Duke University!
The Scrap Exchange a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible using our EIN# 56-1728718. Does your employer match your gifts? Contact us to find out how to DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT!