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T-shirt reuse is a great avenue to explore if you want to create something new out of something old. It’s a way to express yourself through clothing. It is estimated the average person spends close to $100 monthly on clothing. In BlueprintDIY‘s tutorial, she shares 5 amazing styles and inspirations to revive your old or simple tees.

The main supplies needed:

  • Craft Scissors
  • Safety/Sewing Pins
  • Adhesive Glue or Sewing Materials
  • Measurement Tape

1. Off The Shoulder Crop Top

This design would be great if you have a t-shirt that has a worn-down collar or frayed edges. You have the option to cut your perfect crop. All you have to do is measure your ideal amount depending on your style. This style is current and in trend, found in many department stores.

2. V-Neck Choker

The design has the ability to be worn as a statement shirt. There is no need for a necklace or scarf. Since you will be cutting directly under the neckline, the feel and look of a necklace are taken care of

3. Shredded Back

This design adds a creative peek-a-boo cut out on the backside of the T-shirt. You may consider this design if you want a casual look in front and a creative spin on the back. Since you are the designer you have the choice to add or subtract from the number of shreds.

4.Shoulder Cut-Out

If you are looking for an edgy look this design would be perfect. This tutorial only requires your crafting scissors and a few cuts. With this simple design. Use the previous ideas and techniques to take the shoulder cut-out design to the next level.

5. Half and Half

This design is very unique and something that you may have never seen. This Half and Half T-shirt design gives you the option to pair up two of your favorite old tees to one iconic one. In the tutorial by BlueprintDIY, she shares the option of sewing or gluing your design in place. If you are just beginning and not so much a seamstress the adhesive glue option perhaps will be best to start. Likewise, have no concern to sew your shirt and lock in your design. Also, depending on your chosen T-shirts’ size and flexibility, you can make a set to give as a stylish gift.

Upcycling is a great way to help reduce material waste and pollution. Taking these steps now will make a significant impact in the future. From landfill waste reduction, water pollution, and air pollution. Give one or more of these Upcycled clothing ideas a chance. You will be surprised at how you can turn 5 old tees into 5 brand new designs. Check out BlueprintDIY‘s tutorial below: