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Dear Friends,

A long-time dream of ours is finally here — this week we are hosting our first Creative Reuse Center Startup Boot Camp!

We have folks from around the country who are interested in starting a program like ours in their own community, and who have come to Durham to spend the week with us, working it out Scrap Exchange style.

We’re aiming to cover all of the bases — operations, finances, data tracking, community partners, materials collection, outreach, gallery operations, artist marketplace, board and management structures, funding sources, and more — and are excited to jump start a national conversation about resource recovery systems and community access to reclaimed materials.

We hear it all the time — “There should be one of these in every city!” We couldn’t agree more, and this is one way we’re hoping to help make that happen.

Our goal is to offer a boot camp at least once a year, so if you couldn’t make it this time but are interested in the future, be sure to get in touch.

On another note, I am in the final stages of preparation for taking a two-month sabbatical from my position here at The Scrap Exchange. This is another long-time dream of mine finally being realized, to experience a break in the nonstop action of this job and have time for making art, traveling, taking a class, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.

I recently read a speech by Tess Vigeland, former host of the Marketplace Money radio show, about leaving her “dream job.”

Her advice was to take time to evaluate what you’re doing, what you really love about your job, and what you don’t, throughout your working life. She said that even if it’s your dream job, you should do this—you need to “dream while you’re in the dream.”

So that’s what I’m trying to do, to dream while I’m in the dream.

I am thrilled that the organization offers a sabbatical program and I look forward to returning in November recharged and ready to go for whatever the future may hold.

And of course while all of that is going on, everything else is moving forward too…

This week is Third Friday, and we have our first-ever Mail Art show!

Mail Art is an international phenomenon that involves artwork traveling through the postal service. It can include collage or mixed media and is usually sent without an envelope. The exhibit, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” opens on Friday, August 16 and runs through September 14.

So come on out to the Green Gallery and see what the post office has brought us!

With love and gratitude,

Ann May Woodward
Executive Director
The Scrap Exchange