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Dear Friends,

I can’t believe it’s June already!

I am hoping that 2013 will be a “manifestation” year for The Scrap Exchange. We are working hard to find and purchase a building out of which to operate — a permanent home to move to when our lease here ends in March 2015.

For an organization that needs a LOT of space to operate, facility issues can be the thing that makes it or breaks it. We’ve seen reuse centers around the country falter, and some fail, because of complications surrounding leases and buildings. In the course of our 22 years in operation, we ourselves have been forced to move multiple times on short notice due to factors beyond our control.

We feel that the best way to avoid having this happen again is to own our own space, and in 2009 we set a goal as an organization to move in that direction. We’re working to make 2013 the year we finally get it all figured out.

But while we work on that, everything else continues to move along.

We are planning our first ever Creative Reuse Center Boot Camp — four days of concentrated information on the nuts and bolts of running a creative reuse center, for anyone who wishes to start a “Scrap Exchange” in their own community.

We strongly believe that every community needs a creative reuse center, to capture the valuable materials that would otherwise be sent to a landfill, to foster creativity, and to promote local and sustainable economies. We get calls every week from people who are interested in creating a program like ours, and are reaching out to find out information about how we do what we do.

We love talking to folks from around the country (and the world!), we love talking about creative reuse centers, and we love helping people, but it takes a lot of time and energy to talk to so many people so often, and it’s hard to tell them what they really need to know in a short phone call.

The solution we came up with is to start hosting on-site training sessions where people can come and spend time here and see how it all works, and get the information they need to get the ball rolling. Our first one is in August, check out the Boot Camp pages for more information.

We also have some fun summer classes coming up — check out the Classes page to see what’s coming up.

And of course it is Third Friday this week! Meg Stein, an installation artist, will be making magic in the gallery. Her work uses everyday objects made into sculptures and installations that tackle big ideas such as racism, sexism, and global warming. You can get more information on her website, www.megstein.com, or just come to the show!

Thank you for your work, support, time, energy, and love.

All the best,

Ann May Woodward
Executive Director
The Scrap Exchange