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We have been getting this question a lot lately. The short answer is

No. Not at this time.

We understand that you are at hope, you have time to do that spring cleaning that you previously worried you would not be able to do. We understand your spirit of generosity, understanding that someone else might be able to use the things that you do not need any longer. But right now, in the interest of public safety, we cannot take donations. That is not just our decision, it has been handed down to us by the mayor and we are in agreement. So at this time just wait, because will definitely need and want your stuff when all of this is over!

Ahem, How Are You All Doing?

We are doing fine. Our staff has remained healthy and safe, practicing social distancing and increased handwashing and has showed no signs of COVID-19 as of this date.

Are You Donating Fabric For Masks?

We have reached our donation budget at this time. We still have surgical mask and caps kits for sale in our online store.