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We Are In This Together

Creative reuse

is not just a fancy phrase. The staff and leadership of the Scrap Exchange believe in and honor both art and artist, especially those who create in our local community. In addition to making affordable art supplies and reclaimed material available, we have created opportunities for local creators to sell and showcase their work by becoming Artist Partners.

As Artist Partner, you can:

Sell Your Work On Consignment

Our Artists’ Marketplace features local talent with a variety of items for the public to view and purchase, both in-store and online.

  • Your work will be on display along with other local artists
  • Upon purchase, you will enjoy a 60/40 commission split
  • Commissions on your work will be paid quarterly, along with inventory adjustments and placement reviews.

Sell Your Work Wholesale

Some artists may prefer to sell their work to the Scrap Exchange at a wholesale price. While this is not a great fit for many artists, it works out well for some. The Scrap Exchange will negotiate with the artist on a wholesale price and resale in the Marketplace for a reasonable markup.

Showcase In Cameron Gallery

Artist Partners may want to debut their latest collection in our recently remodeled Cameron Gallery. The renovated space offers up to 850 square feet of room for viewing. Wall-mounted work, table displays, and sculptures can be comfortably housed and appreciated in our well-lit gallery.

Apply To Be An Artist Partner

Fill out our online form to be considered in our next quarterly review. Only complete submissions will be considered. Upon selection, a member of our gallery committee or our staff will contact the artist to complete the next steps.