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The February show in the Cameron Gallery will feature specially selected “found art,” readymades, and miscellanea sourced from the Scrap Exchange and from the collections of Scrap staff and friends. Marvelous, mysterious paintings, esoteric ephemera, Smashfest survivors, donated detritus, self-assembled sculptures from the bottom of bins and barrels, as well as other denizens of the Scrap Exchange will all have their moment in the sun. These “works” will showcase the fun, strange, beautiful, and hilarious things that come through our doors every day.

“Creative Reuse is all about taking unwanted materials and transforming them in some way to make them more than they were before. This could mean using raw material to make an object in a traditional way or it could mean re-contextualizing an object or group of objects by putting them in a gallery with little or no other transformation,” says Daniel Bagnell, Design Director. “The history of art from the 20th century on wouldn’t be the same without these ideas. “

In the case of our show the artists may be unknown, the work may have “made itself” or may be made from material pulled directly from the waste stream. These “found” pieces of art, once removed from the noise of their surroundings, become objects of purpose, they become works of Art just as valid as any other. They were just waiting for someone to find them. The idea of the artist as “chooser” or “finder” is over a century old and yet it’s an idea that can still challenge the viewer to experience the world in a new way.

The Found Art show runs from February 15th to March 10th with an opening reception on Friday, February 15th from 6- 9 pm. The evening’s festivities include light snacks and drinks, as well as free art-making in the Make and Take room. This event is free and the public is warmly welcomed.  Scrap Thrift stays open until 9 pm for those wishing to score a bargain on gently used treasures!