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The Found Object Collection:
Collages by Sam Lasris and works on paper by Hendrika Vande Kemp

Sam Lasris is a self-taught collage maker whose work consists of mainly 2 dimensional pieces using found objects (wood, stones, leaves, glass, metals, plastics and fabrics). His work has been exhibited from South Carolina to California has garnered a best in show, a second place and honorable mentions.

While a lot of art focuses on nature, the starting point for me is the man-made object. Almost all manufactured objects are the result of hours of deliberation about the exact shade, shape, size, weight, etc. Whether it’s a button, a label on a can of peas or a silicon chip, someone designed it. And yet, end users discard these items with little regard for the person who created the item or the item itself. My work primarily is based on those cast aside items, so called ‘disposables.’ I want the viewer to see each piece from a distance as whole, to see how it comes together, but also to closely examine each work and think about the decisions that ended with the creation of the individual pieces of the piece and how they have been re-purposed into something entirely different than their intended use,” states the artist.

Hendrika Vande Kemp is a retired clinical psychologist and family therapist still engaged in scholarly writing. Ten years ago she discovered iris folding, a card-making technique originating in the Netherlands, her native country. Adapting this technique to decorative art, Hendrika works with re-purposed frames and mats and a variety of recycled and re-purposed papers: metallic envelope liners and printed envelopes; stationery sheets; book jackets, end papers, and decorative borders; candy, chocolate, and tea bag wrappers; and gift wrap and gift bags. I love the combination of a geometrically structured pattern and the creative challenge of coordinating paper colors and texture with a frame and mat,” says Hendrika.

An opening reception will be held on Friday, March 16th from 6-9 PM.  The evening’s festivities include light snacks and drinks, as well as free art making in the Make N Take room. This event is free and the public is warmly welcomed. The show runs March 16th- April 14th!