December at The Scrap Exchange

DECEMBER AT THE SCRAP EXCHANGE Join our mailing list for the latest behind-the-scenes news, updates on RAD and special discounts! Staff Spotlight on Kathleen House Kathleen House (Kathy) is a true Durham native and spent many years of her childhood in the Lakewood neighborhood. She joined the staff at Scrap Thrift in January of 2018 after retiring from Duke … Continue reading

Plastic Bag Frenzy!

Check out what can be done with all those plastic bags you have laying around! Iron on designs! Filth Wizadry Durable material! Etsy Labs Make your own chunks of… stuff! Instructables Air Bears! Alright, let’s get movin’!

Our English cousins?

Just keep watching, it’s amazing! This comes to us from The Children’s Scrapstore in the UK. My favorite parts are – looking through tubes and saying “Hi” and – playing “we will rock you” on a trash can using tubes. Having a friend drag you around in a crate looks … Continue reading

Video Roundup!

Here are some fun ways to reuse cardboard! Cardboard Tube Fighting League Here are a few bonus links and some for the “grownups”…These are just for fun and remember, PLAY NICE! Boxwars! (Who wants to start one in Durham? I Do I Do!)This one is just kinda…Awesome boat (and more … Continue reading