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The time has finally come to the Scrap to upgrade our point of sale system! We have the potential not only to simplify our operations, but also to increase our environmental stewardship.

Click below to donate via credit or bank card through Square, or select the other payment options above via the Donate button. (Please note, public Square donations may take two business days to update on our website).

Currently, our current system requires that we print receipts on unrecycleable paper. Our new system will not only allow us to forego print, but will allow us to easily email the receipt, if desired to our customers.

We will also be able to have a mobile “swipe and go” register for those who are not using cash to buy when lines get long as well as the ability to track our inventory.

If we are able to reach our goal, we will also be able to get barcode readers and printers for faster inventory tracking, faster checkout and training for all of our employees.