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Caroline Crawford - Kimono- 2014 - Green GalleryCelebrating Pattern and Color
paintings by Caroline Crawford

May 16 – June 14
Opening Reception: May 16, 6-9pm


Caroline Crawford grew up in an artist community that traces its beginnings to just after the First World War. Her neighbors were visual artists, musicians, movie producers, and circus performers who sought an alternative to city living. In the homes of her friends, she saw arts and crafts from all corners of the world, leading her to the youthful conclusion that every person just had to be an artist. Her earliest inspirations came in the form of art from Argentina, Haiti, Cuba, and Mexico, all viewed up close and in person. The artist came of age in the 1960s. In the quintessentially spontaneous culture of that decade, she loaded her two younger brothers (who were toddlers at the time) into a VW bus and headed to Woodstock while her parents were out of town.

Crawford, an avid hiker, takes great influence from wilderness. In her paintings, she aims for a jazzy effect, a sense of movement and celebration. Rich, loud colors team with the patterns one sees in snakes, quilts, and woven textiles. Seamlessly, she incorporates bones, shells, and found objects into pieces which become the collision point between wildness and art. “I have tried,” she says, “to protest the lack of respect humans show the environment and each other.” In this exhibit, pattern and color engage viewers in a festive, communal experience that embraces both humanity and nature.

Crawford’s work has featured in numerous shows and festivals in the northeast and the south. She has done an artist residency at Thorpe Intermedia Gallery in Sparkhill, NY. Locally, her work has hung in Outsider’s Art, the Durham Art Guild, and the Carrack.

This event is co-sponsored by Perpetual Brewing and Brothers Vilgalys Spirits.

“Celebrating Pattern and Color” will run through June 14. Green Gallery receptions are free to the public and held in conjunction with Third Friday Durham activities. For more information, call The Scrap Exchange at 919-688-6960.