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We Are The Scrap

The Scrap Exchange is not just retail and creative reuse, it is a part of the community-at- large! We offer programs to serve the public that are in line with our core values and focus areas.

Check out this promo from NC State’s Technician:

What Others Had to Say…

We could toot our own horn, but others say it better:

The list of reasons why The Scrap Exchange excites me is long. Helping our environment, not only by educating us about the reuse of materials, but by making that process a fun adventure. Providing an abundance of activities to bring out the creativity lurking in all of us. And maybe most important, contributing to world peace by bringing diverse people together and thereby building a spirit of community. I’ve always been a big fan of The Scrap and I am so excited that it now has its own home!

 –Danny Cameron

When I visit the Scrap Exchange, I walk around just thinking of all the things I could make with the wonderful items there…just the best place for crafters. 

– Nada Diana Bobbitt

The Scrap Exchange is such a fantastic organization. I send all of my young offenders to do their community service at The Scrap Exchange. I hope that they see what a great community resource you are and that you are a great place to purchase low cost school supplies and supplies for kids. If there is ever anything I can do to help you or to help The Scrap Exchange, I hope you will let me know. 

Local Attorney

We had a great time! I love how the space is set up for large groups! 

–Laine Station, Math & Science Teacher, Lakewood Montessori Middle School

We had a fantastic time at The Scrap Exchange! The kids loved the creative opportunity that they had there and our arts and crafts counselor even found some great supplies in your store that we can use for our art program here. We will definitely be coming back for field trips in the future!You can definitely quote me and I’d be happy to give any other type of positive review! 

Nick Kolb, Assistant Youth & Sports Director, Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA