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The Scrap Exchange Community Garden


The Scrap Exchange Community Garden is a place dedicated to growing beautiful flora, taking care of the earth, and working collectively for the good of the community. Everyone is welcome to dig in the dirt with us – individuals, groups, families, even furry friends! The more helping hands, the more beauty we can bring to our backyard.



Instead of individuals purchasing their own garden plots, we work together to take care of the entire garden as a team.


In front of our Reuse Arts Shop we have our Bee Scrappy Garden, a carefully cultivated pollinator garden filled with colorful flora for our bees and butterflies! To the right of our Reuse Arts Shop, we have our produce garden. In this area we have all sorts of produce and gardening techniques flourishing with the hard work of our garden volunteers! The garden veggies are available for anyone in the community, and we often donate extra food from our harvests to the food bank in our shopping center. We also have a huge composting area where we take food waste and turn it into nutritious soil for our vegetables. With all this going on, we have lots of work available for anyone who wants to join us for our garden club meet ups!


The Scrap Exchange Garden Club


The Scrap Exchange Garden Club is back after a hiatus! The garden club meets on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.  We have a huge garden space with lots of different plants flourishing in the sun. Check out our Instagram for pictures of the amazing things that our volunteers are doing!





Everyone is required to wear closed-toed shoes and we encourage you to wear a mask and layered clothing, to bring a reusable water bottle, and to bring a friend to garden with! We ask that you respect your fellow gardeners and keep 6 feet of space between you and others. We’ll have ice water, bug spray, sun screen, and tools available. No gardening experience is required. All gardeners need to sign a liability waiver before their first day of gardening, and individuals under 18 years need to have a waiver signed by a guardian. You can print out a waiver form from our website at the following link:




You can always come inside The Scrap Exchange and ask the main desk for directions if you can’t find us. See you Saturday!!!



Join us!

For more information, please contact our volunteer management team at (919) 401-0552 or  volunteer@scrapexchange.org.


The Scrap Exchange expresses its gratitude to the following sponsors for their support of our outdoor projects: Doing Good in the Neighborhood, Meadowsweet Gardens and Patios, ProBuild Landscapes and Construction, Zarazua Painting, Inc. and The Rock Shop.