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We value proactive and transparent communications and want to inform the public that an employee tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, January 5, 2021. This employee works in a “low contact” position with infrequent or indirect contact with the public. As we balance both the needs of public health and the needs of our employees, WE HAVE DECIDED TO KEEP OUR STORES OPEN WITH REDUCED HOURS AT THIS TIME. We continue to closely monitor the situation.

Here is a list of everything we have done to address the situation so far:

  1. The employee who tested positive immediately left work and will quarantine as recommended by the CDC.
  2. We thoroughly cleaned and disinfected all surfaces in the contact area utilizing an approved disinfectant.
  3. We performed internal contact tracing to determine close contacts (our metric: spending 15 cumulative minutes in close proximity [less than 6 feet] within a 24-hour period).  There were 4 staff members who were considered close contacts who were sent home to self-quarantine.  They all received COVID tests while at work and will be advised to test again on day 6 in keeping with CDC recommendations. All quarantined employees will receive paid time off.
  4. Every single staff member has received a COVID test simply as a precaution and will proactively self-monitor for symptoms. 
  5. We reported the case to Durham Health Department and will continue to follow CDC recommendations and other resources from Count on Me NC, Back on the Bull, Durham Health Department, etc. 
  6. We will implement our protocols for increased sanitation and be extra cautious as all employees self-monitor for COVID symptoms.
  7. We continue to uphold our requirements for staff and customers to wear masks properly at ALL TIMES, hand sanitizer stations, contactless water fountains, and all other state and local mandates.

Our decision to keep the stores open is weighing BOTH the needs of public safety AND the need of many employees to work in order to remain financially stable. We are doing our best to hold these competing priorities in balance. Anyone with questions can reach out to our Executive Director, Laura Nicholson via email at director@scrapexchange.org.