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As we cautiously reopen during COVID-19, we aim to provide the safest, most responsible environment for you to experience all that the Scrap Exchange has to offer.

We noticed that the spirit of giving and the generosity of our community has not been dampened by the current crisis and are happy to provide appointments for those who would like to donate materials!

Things to Know Before Your Visit:

  • Look for the awning in front of Scrap Thrift and be sure to pull under the awning. Our staff will  come out to greet you and process your donation.
  • Items must be clean and fall within our acceptance guidelines.
  • No broken or unusable items.
  • One carload per appointment.
  • We strongly suggest that givers wear a mask.

Sign Up For A Donation Appointment Below!

Having Trouble? Try the Steps Below:

1. Select the donation appointment option.

2. Select your preferred date.

3. SCROLL DOWN to select your time slot.

4. Complete the form and scroll down to click the “Book Appointment” button.

5. You’re done!

Need to Change Your Appointment?

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment through your confirmation email. Simple scroll down to the bottom and you will see the option. Click through and you will be brought to the Square Appointment site. Another email will be sent with the confirmation of the change.


Because so many people have had a lot of time recently to clean out their closets, basements, and garages, we are overwhelmed with donations. 

As much as we would like to take everything you wish to donate, we physically cannot handle everything.  That is why we have adopted a donation- by- appointment process. 

In addition to that, we now will have to limit donations to one carload per appointment. If you have more to donate please make multiple appointments.

We also ask that you only donate things that are not broken, are clean and are usable. Our dumpster fees are growing with everything that we can’t use and have to dispose of.