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Beauty Builds Community

Art is at the core of what we do. From the very beginning in 1991 The Scrap Exchange has been a valuable resource for all types of artists, providing affordable and unique materials in an environment catering to the creative spirit. The Scrap Exchange began by collecting “clean industrial discards,” materials from mills, factories, and businesses, which were otherwise destined for the landfill. These discards could be repurposed by clever individuals into myriad projects both big and small. Today the Scrap Exchange takes donations from individuals as well as business and industry. This allows us to stock our shelves with traditional art supplies; hardware, craft materials, antiques, ephemera, building supplies, and so much more while still keeping prices as low as possible. It’s an artists’ paradise!

As well as being a place for artists to gather materials we are also proud to house the Cameron Gallery and the Cameron Gallery Marketplace, another valuable resource for artists and art lovers. Our first gallery opened when we were located on Foster St. in downtown Durham and moved with us to Golden Belt in 2011. In 2014* our long time supporter Danny Cameron gave us the funds to build out a gallery in our current location in Lakewood. In 2020 the gallery has been updated and moved to the front of the building and we are introducing the Cameron Gallery Marketplace. The Marketplace provides an opportunity for artists to sell their work and for the community to share in Durham’s fabulous creative culture.

Keep an eye on our campus as well! We’re collaborating with artists to help turn our end of the Lakewood Shopping Center into the Reuse Arts District by creating murals, sculptures, benches, gardens and more.