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Hands-On Ways To Express Your Vibe.

Reuse and environmental awareness is not boring! The Scrap Exchange provides a venue for experimenting and learning new ways to explore creative reuse.

Through a variety of opportunities such as screen printing, sewing classes or our Make-N-Take room, you can explore your creative side or enjoy the artful expressions of community members. We have open studio times, community meet-ups and creative classes so you can find what works for you. We also take our Make-N-Take room on the road. Our Events by the Truckload, bring an array of fascinating and unusual reclaimed materials to your event — including cones and tubes from textile mills, fabric samples from decorators, vinyl sticker paper from sign shops, and so much more. Participants will have a blast building whatever they can imagine out of the materials we provide! We include tools (scissors, tape, and staplers) for creating, along with staff to manage set up, clean up, and all of the creativity in between. Everyone leaves your event with a fantastic project of their own invention!

Take a look at our list of services or events calendar to find an opportunity to take a walk on your creative side!