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Jean Michel Dissake is a contemporary artist from Yaoundé Cameroon. He is known for combining a wide range of found, recycled, and natural materials to make sculptures that reflect the evolving dialog between nature and the environment. Some of the items he uses are wood, vines, termite dust, textiles, wire, aluminum, computer parts and license plates. A recurrent theme in Jean Michel’s work is unity – the connection between people, the world around them, and each other. Africa News calls Jean Michel’s art “…new sculptural forms and an ecological discourse.” ‘Cameroun: des objets d’art à partir de matériaux récupérés’, Africa News, 2017.’

The Scrap Exchange hosted a class given by Dissake in December 2019 to give attendees the opportunity to learn about Jean Michel’s methods of working with recycled objects as a way to reconnect with the natural world.

Materials from the Scrap Exchange were available, but participants were allowed to bring any items they wished to work with (aluminum, plastic, fiber, other objects). A truly ScrapMagical time had by all.