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We all can agree there tend to be cardboard boxes strolling around the house constantly. From online shopping, groceries, and everything in between. It is normal to resort to throwing the box out but what if there is a useful, easy, and effective way to upcycle those boxes?

In the video below, “Hometalk” shows you 6 ways to make those useless cardboard boxes useful! 

First method –Drawer Dividers

If your drawer is in need of a pick-me-up, this method would be perfect. All you have to do is take a cutting tool of your choice, for example, scissors or an Exacto knife; measure your drawer’s width and then cut. It is up to your desire on the number of dividers you want for your drawer. 

Second method- Address sign

For this project, all that is needed is contact paper and decal words or numbers. Once those two steps are completed all you have to do next is add twine or a magnet to the back of the cardboard to attach to your door. 

Third method – Faux wooden crate

Choose a box of your choice and apply wooden design contact paper. This box can be used for various tasks. In the video, it’s suggested to place the box in your car trunk for easy storage and transfer. 

Fourth method – Frame mat 

The frame mat tutorial is easy and very useful. It brings personalizations and creativity into something that lacks that element. Start with a cereal box and cut the center. Next, pick wrapping paper of your choice and adhere to the cardboard cut-out. Lastly, place a picture in the center and insert it in your frame. 

Fifth  method- Trash can 

It’s essential to pick a sturdy and durable box for this method. Depending on the location, you decide on your trash can. You have endless possibilities for the design. In the video, it is recommended to use backsplash or even heavy-duty design paper to design your trash can. Add a trash bag, and you are ready to go. 

Sixth method- Wall Art 

If your room requires a creative addition, this last method is perfect. Cut up to eight cardboard strips and round to edges with scissors. Next, pick a paint color that will complement your space. Once dried, all you do next is hot glue your cardboard strips to a mirror of your choice. Hang up your customized wall art and enjoy. 

Just like that, here are six clever ways to upcycle cardboard boxes. The outcomes are truly impressive. Give these upcycle methods a try and help on the journey toward saving the environment. Check out the video below and send us a picture if you come up with additional ideas!

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