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It is not too late to check out our Holiday Gift Shop, currently in our Cameron Gallery!

And No Matter What You Are Celebrating…

We understand that 2020 has been a challenging and taxing for everyone and truly hope for a year of kindness and joy in 2021. Although we won’t see an overnight re-balance in areas like social justice, equity, or climate change, we know that each of us can work together a to do our part. No matter what you are celebrating, we wish you happiness and look forward to gathering safely together in the future.


“To celebrate our staff and acknowledge the impact of COVID-19, we will close our stores from December 22-26, 2020. We want our employees to have requisite time to reflect and celebrate the holidays. Our retail environment is an important component of the Scrap’s mission but the non-stop nature of serving the community in this capacity also takes a toll. We want each employee to reach their highest potential and understand that rest and renewal are key. Cheers to continued success for the Scrap in 2021 & beyond!”

-Laura Nicholson, Executive Director

You’re a big part of our success!

We are grateful for you, our community of shoppers, donors, volunteers, artists, educators, partners and friends. Each one of you have an integral part in making the Scrap Exchange what it is and what it will be. Together, we can take the scraps of a crazy year, learn all we can, and create something amazing and beautiful from the ashes of 2020. After all, that’s what we do here at The Scrap Exchange. Wishing you a safe, happy and peaceful holiday, and looking forward to a new year ahead.

With Scrappy Love and Magic,

The Scrap Staff