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Come join our scrappy team!

As a new Scrap Exchange volunteer, we welcome you to come as you are, with the willingness to become an important link in our mission. Whether you are a short-term or long-term volunteer, you will become a member of our family, meet new people, share your expertise, learn new skills, and receive recognition for your service. Just attend a volunteer orientation and you can get started!

Volunteers can work on general projects or choose to work in specific areas of our stores. Below is a list of some of the specific volunteer opportunities that we are looking for at The Scrap Exchange. At the orientation, you can express interest in a certain area of the store, or request to work in a specific area later on.

Reuse Arts General Volunteer
These volunteers tackle a multitude of projects, including greeting customers, sorting, packaging, merchandising, store displays and organizing materials as well as general cleaning, sweeping, and tidying. Materials include fabric, sewing supplies, kids craft materials, fine art supplies, paper, office supplies, wood, tile, electronics, and much more. Volunteers may specialize in a particular area or help in a more broad sense. These volunteers can work in the Reuse Arts Shop, Thrift Store, or both!

Clothes and Shoes Specialist
These volunteers help sort and organize our expansive clothes and shoes sections at the Thrift Store. If you love second-hand fashion or gazing at cozy cat sweaters, this position is for you!

Book and Media Specialist
We’re looking for bookworms, magazine fanatics, and vinyl aficionados interested in sorting and organizing our media section at the Thrift Store. Do you feel like you were born in the wrong decade? Surround yourself with secondhand books and vinyl records and pretend you weren’t!

Fabric Processor
The Scrap Exchange receives a wide variety of fabric and notions donations. Volunteers who are fiber enthusiasts can volunteer to measure, roll, and tag yardage. They can also help us process yarn, ribbon, quilt scraps, threads, and test sewing machines. The fun never stops!

Hardware Processor
These volunteers help classify, sort, package, and display items that belong in the hardware section. If you only care for rivets and circular saws, if nothing in this world makes you happier than working with wrenches and ball-peen hammers, if you dream about copper and stainless steel, then we need your help!

Donations Sorting Processor
These volunteers assist in processing the donations that come in every day! We have lots of different categories to sort all our donations into and we need lots of hands to keep up with the materials that come in. These volunteers should be able to work on their feet and follow detailed directions.

Administration Expert
Do you love computers?  Are you an excel specialist?  Do databases make your heart sing? We may have some volunteer work available for you.

Paper and Office Processor
These volunteers help us sort and package all the various office and paper crafting supplies that we receive. If you have a love for paper artwork or extreme organizing, this is the area for you!

Please contact the volunteer management team with any questions at volunteer@scrapexchange.org or 919-401-0552