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The Scrap Exchange is proud to partner with the Durham Recovery and Renewal Taskforce to ensure that all Durham citizens can access face coverings. These masks will be reusable fabric face coverings.  Here on our website, you will find numerous ways to participate in this initiative.

First, individuals and corporations can make tax deductible donations to the Scrap Exchange and ear mark it for this initiative. The funds raised will go toward the production of free face coverings for those in need.

Second, visitors to our website in search of masks, can opt to buy an additional mask for a Durham citizen in need. We have a great selection of reasonably priced face coverings. In the drop down menu, you can choose to buy one/give one. 

Third, we are inviting fabric and clothing donations that can be used in the production of face coverings. Fabric must be a breathable fiber (cotton, linen, silk or bamboo) with no evidence of mildew. Please bring these donations to the lobby of the Scrap Exchange during our business hours (Tuesday – Saturday 11-4).

Lastly, please help get the face coverings to those in need. Please fill out our webform to let us know if you or your family are in need of face coverings or if you know of others in need. 

In the near future, we will be selling face covering making kits. Please check back for that! 

You can access our dedicated webpage for all the ways above to get involved and help get Durham covered!