Creative Class Instructors

Creative Class Instructor:

The goal of our Creative Classes is to teach participants useful skills, share the joy of creative expression, and demonstrate our creative reuse principles in action through use of store materials.  Our class schedule is structured to allow a good balance of foundational and skill-building instruction mixed with other playful projects, workshops with exhibiting artists, and seasonal activities.

Creative Class Instructor Expectations:

  • Must be able to demonstrate proficiency in the skill or project of instruction.
  • Must be comfortable teaching in a group setting.
  • Must be able to plan ahead for class needs and show up on time for events.
  • Must be enthusiastic about using reclaimed and donated materials for instruction.

Ideal candidates will be flexible and curious, comfortable with a range of ages and class sizes, and show an interest in developing new skill sets and finding uses for new materials.

Once a class is scheduled, instructors are expected to:

  • Provide a class sample and photograph for the display case and marketing purposes in a timely fashion.
  • Work with staff to select appropriate class materials from the retail store in advance of the class, and notify the Education Coordinator at least a week prior to the class if you are not able to find sufficient materials for your class at The Scrap Exchange.
  • Prepare a lesson plan or handout for students in collaboration with the Education Coordinator if appropriate.
  • Do an in-store demo of the skill or project for the duration of the class time if there are no registered or drop-in students.
  • Notify the Outreach and Education Manager with as much advance notice as possible if an emergency will prevent the class from occurring. Classes will only be cancelled for instructor illness or inclement weather that closes the retail store.
  • Return unused materials to their correct location in the store, and bring any partially used, unwrapped, or unpriced supplies to the donation and processing area.

Instructors are paid $20 per class hour as a contractor, with an additional $20 per class for preparation. This is intended to cover the creation of a project sample to use in our store display, and the time necessary to pull class materials from the store in advance of your class. Students pay $10 per hour of instruction, and can register online through Eventbrite, or in person at the store register.

Interested in applying? Contact Kelly Jones, our Outreach & Education Manager.

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