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Kelly Jones (left) and Anna Graves (right)

Please join us in welcoming Kelly Jones as our new Outreach and Education Manager. Kelly replaces Anna Graves, who led the department for 2-1/2 years, increasing the number of community events by 43% and tripling the number of creative classes. “We are very excited that Kelly will be filling this position. She has been a dedicated member of the Outreach Staff for the past 3 years,” stated Anna Graves.

Kelly is very excited to join the Outreach team. Having worked many outreach events, workshops, and birthday parties while working with the organization, Kelly brings a strong understanding of what is required to ensure the continued success of these programs and looks forward to the opportunity to merge their interests and experience in education, outreach, sustainability, and community development as the Outreach and Education Manager at the Scrap Exchange. Kelly’s scheduled hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

We wish Anna Graves happiness and success in the NYC area where she will apply to graduate school. “Through working at The Scrap Exchange, my desire to become a leader within the non-profit realm has grown and strengthened. I’ll be applying to MBA programs that focus on social entrepreneurship and sustainability. My goal is to develop skills that will allow me to successfully lead a non-profit organization as the Executive Director. I would also love to assist companies in reducing the amount of waste that they’re creating,” says Anna. Everyone in the Scrap family has benefited from Anna’s tremendous work ethic and we are all certain she will achieve her goal and sow seeds of sustainability far and wide.

We are very proud of you Anna!


Every year, The Scrap Exchange partners with various universities to provide internships. During the Spring 2019 semester, Janie Pennell from UNC’s School of Education interned with the Outreach and Education department. Janie was an amazing volunteer and did a tremendous job with every project she was assigned!

As a Human Development and Family Studies major, Janie’s main project was research and curriculum design for a future summer program for kids at The Scrap Exchange. Her research included:

  • what programs are already available
  • what resources are lacking
  • what programming best serves low-income residents
  • compiling staff input for the project
  • and potential funding streams for the endeavor

Armed with that information, Janie designed a program that includes daily activities, monthly themes, and staffing requirements. The proposed plan focuses on how summer programs can help children retain educational skills developed during the school year. Her presentation also highlighted how the lack of access to learning materials during the summer can negatively affect a child’s life, and how that lack of access can be addressed by providing a no-cost summer program. Because of her excellent work, we are one step closer to offering the Lakewood community a free, educational, safe, and fun summer program in the future. She was a stellar intern and we all wish she could stay forever – thank you, Janie!

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