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home-sweet-homeDear Friends,

Happy Summer!

We are about to experience a major milestone in Scrap Exchange history. We are finally relocating to a permanent location!

Since our inception in 1991, we have been faced with the constant challenge of finding affordable space that could meet our operational needs. After 23 years, we believe we have found a solution to some of these issues, including site security and long term sustainability, as we move into a building that we ourselves own.

In December 2013, we purchased the old Center Theater in the Lakewood Shopping Center (which some of you may know better as the home of the Duke Surplus Store from 1997 to 2007). We have been working on the building to get it ready for move-in, fixin’ it up, and practicing our own three R’s: repair, renovation, and relocation. Some of the improvements you may not see, but you will likely notice: we are upgrading the heating and air conditioning systems and repairing the roof.

The building offers 23,000 square feet of space and sits on 2.4 acres of land. I am hoping for an entire Reuse District with informal markets, artist studios, welding studio, woodshop, bicycle repair and reclamation, sculpture garden, sports, coffee shop, and community gardens!

We hope this new situation will offer increased community impact, better use of resources, and deeper engagement. I feel strongly that this is not only a win for the organization, it is a win for Durham!

But this brings us to a bittersweet moment, where we say goodbye to the building we’ve called home for the past three years, to our friends at Liberty Arts, Golden Belt, and East Durham, and to our landlord, Julio Cordoba, who was a true Scrap superhero when he made a large amount of space available to us at a rent we could afford following the collapse of the Liberty Warehouse roof in spring 2011.

While we are sad to be leaving, at the same time, we are excited to say hello to our new friends and neighbors in the Lakewood community. The BIG move happens the second week of August. We will be closed from Monday, August 11 to Friday, August 15 to physically move our inventory and operations, and we will re-open for business on Saturday, August 16 at 10:00 a.m. with NEW hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day!

Do we need help? YES WE DO! Think “Scrap Exchange workout” meets “it takes a village”! Please contact Madeline James, our volunteer coordinator (and Retail Store Manager) at volunteer@scrapexchange.org to sign up! Thank you!

Another bittersweet element is that we have installed the last Green Gallery show in our current space. The exhibition features Allison Tierney’s “Between Intuition and Reason”. Allison combines discarded household paint and domestic items in her artwork. Stop in and check it out. The exhibit runs through Saturday, August 9.

Hope to see you soon!

With gratitude,

Ann May Woodward
Executive Director
The Scrap Exchange