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We are so excited to announce the beer list for Brew Durham 5!  A huge THANK YOU goes out to all the home brewers who make this all possible. You all rock.

Advance tickets can be purchased at www.brewdurham5.eventbrite.com.  Find out more info at scrapexchange.org/brew-durham.

Brewer and Beer List



Whit Baker

Double IPA


Raspberry Quad

Imperial Stout

Berliner Wiesse


Matthew Pennisi

 Brett IPA

Baltic Porter

Sour Ale


Sean Boswell

BWho Gose There, Mixed Berry Gose

Curry Me Home, Spiced Curry Ale


Paul and Lara Hobson

Wonder Land Saison

Divine Hammer American IPA

Set Adrift Gose

Harbor Coat Bitter


Joe Vickery

Wham Bam Scotch Ale

Coco Coffee Porter

GT 1080 Specialty Ale


Alex Jackson

Maxin’ Dry Irish Coffee Stout

Relaxin’ English Mild


ATF Homebrew Club
Bryan Conway, Dawn Jones, Rob Jones, Tim Dryden

Creamy Coconut Ale

Tim’s Peppered Pale Ale

BUCK (Brewed Under Caramel Knowledge

Resurrection Rye


David and Laurie Burroughs

White House Honey Ale Specialty Beer

Caramel Amber Ale

Dave’s Pumpkin Ale


Matthew Phelan

Pale Öpir  IPA

I Pink Therefore I Am Saison

Sweet and Sour Saaz Flemish Red

Accidental Funk American Wild

Trapdoor Trappist Belgian Dubbel


Heiko Rath and Deborah Springer

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Schwarze Perle Milk Porter

Little Black Party Crasher Small Beer

Opaque Depths Black IPA

Beet Slap Saison

Deb’s Cider


Andrew Turner

Hvidtøl White Beer

English Mild


Bob Silk and Mike Frost

Tropical American Stout

Adult Cream Soda Cream Ale


John Dagenhart

Dagenbrau American Wheat Pale Ale


Bryan Luukinen

Grizzly in Flannel Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Porter

Jaguar Pajamas Mocha Milk Porter

Mother Vine 2 Kiwi Kombucha


Chris Baker

In-Thyme-A-Date #1 Saison with Thyme and Date Molasses, Aged on White Wine Oak Barrels

In-Thyme-A-Date #2 Saison with Thyme and Date Molasses, Aged on Red Wine Oak Barrels

Ahab’s Bane Imperial White IPA

Dark Seas Whiskey Barrel-Aged Stout with Vanilla Beans

Shoot from the Hip Saison with Brettanomyces


Ian Belle

Old Faithful IPA

Apfelwein Bavarian Hard Cider

Nottingham English Hard Cider

Holiday Cheer Spiced Hard Cider


Ryan Burton

Dark Stout

Multi-Hop Pale IPA


Lea Woodard

Imperial Mexican Chocolate Milk Stout

Dry-Hopped Saison with Citra and Centennial

Vintage English Brown with Paw paws, pecans, and dates


Bull City Burger & Brewery



And special thanks goes to Keil Jansen, founder of Ponysaurus Brewing, who brought Brew Durham to us as a fundraiser back in 2011. Thank you Keil!