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Daniel Bagnell
Facilities and Creative Manager

His Journey

Daniel hails from Chapel Hill and was primarily schooled by Quakers in the woods of Durham County. He has flown in an airplane, slept in a haunted factory, shot a gun, gone fishing, seen a tall mountain, been in a band, can ride a bike (but not a skateboard), has been to England, Wales, Ireland, and even Canada, can climb a tree, learned a little kung fu (Shaolin Eagle Claw style), has had his hand touched by Toots Hibbert, has also lived in Olympia Washington, Boston Mass (Roxbury, Cambridge, Alston, Somerville), Providence Ri., Somerville again, Pittsboro NC, and currently resides in Durham NC, can drive stick, likes nachos, can weld, can’t swim, has been to a castle, once saw a demolition derby, has ridden a horse, has been to many abandoned buildings, has seen a shooting star and several eclipses, has camped on the beach, has touched a shark, has rescued a kitten, has eaten squirrel, is friends with a different squirrel,  has read some books, likes to draw, is a packrat, likes to hike, has too many records, can drive a forklift, has cut his own hair, has performed a magic trick on a stage, knows a few secrets, has jumped off a roof, can use a sewing machine, has broken a bone, has been on several different boats, has ridden a motorcycle, has gotten lost, has been in several mines, has flown a kite, has been on a train car that went off the tracks, has found an arrowhead, has used an electron microscope, has developed film, has programmed in BASIC, has seen a dust devil, saw Michael Jordan play for UNC, enjoys bowling, votes, has crooked pinkies, can juggle, has held a snake, has talked to Jay Leno, has eaten nigiri, has never been to Florida, likes circuit bending, watches birds, almost met a bear, has seen a ghost, had a treehouse, is a sculptor, walks to work, has been in a tall building, has ridden a roller coaster, likes to fix things, is a husband and a father, went to college, has launched a model rocket, has built a snowman, can build a campfire, has been on TV, can sing when no one is around, co-founded Smashfest, has made hundreds of rock club fliers, has picked a lock, has played hooky, has seen bioluminescence, was nearly thrown into a fountain, and has worked at the Scrap Exchange since 2007 among other things.