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Gerald Harris

Gerald is a native of Little Rock, AR. He is an educator, social justice activist, and culture curator.⁠ He moved to the area in 2016 and has definitely found a home in The Bull City. From assisting with local political campaigns to working with such entities as The Bulls of Durham, Village of Wisdom and Hayti Heritage Center/St. Joseph’s Historic Foundation, Inc.⁠

He has a Bachelor of Arts in African & African American Studies, Emphasis: Social & Behavioral, and a Master of Science in Leadership & Policy Studies in Higher Education from the University of Memphis. He has a background and varied experience in the areas of African Diaspora centered education, community leadership development, and volunteer engagement. ⁠⁠

He is currently the Senior Director of Campus & Student Engagement for Duke Alumni Affairs. He is also the Co-Creator of Tall Grass Food Box, a Durham and Raleigh Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) platform to support and encourage the sustainability of Black farmers, by increasing their visibility and securing space for them in the local marketplace. ⁠
He loves spending time with his wife as they spend all their money at bookstores and watching Nollywood films on the couch with their 9lb “Chug” (Chihuahua & Pug mixed breed).