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Mixed Media Artist

I bring a fresh appreciation for the art medium of mosaic, as well as the amazing detail of our living world. I use glass tesserae most often since the reflective quality and brilliance of color give beauty and energy to my work. I sometimes juxtapose glass with slate, ceramic, mirror, or pebbles for texture and homage to earthy materials. I endeavor to utilize found, scrap and repurposed/recycled materials in the work and am aware of my personal and global concerns to showcase their viability, sustainability and beauty in a unique way. My work considers the versatility and permanence of the medium, since it can be suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, wet or dry conditions, and a wide range of temperatures. In this way, my art has practical considerations, and may be used beyond the confines of a gallery wall to enhance the aesthetics of our manufactured world, and bring to those spaces a celebration of the animation and vigor of life.