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Pete Zseleczky
Board Member

Pete Zseleczky first discovered the Scrap Exchange through his mother, who frequently browsed for low cost office supplies and material for art projects.  He now seeks out materials that can be used for projects in his wife’s third grade classroom.  Pete attended Duke University, with a degree in Civil Engineering, moved away for a few years, and was quickly pulled back to Durham with a desire to be part of a real community. 

As a project manager and co-owner of Gateway Building Company, Pete strives to reuse material on jobsites, donate material for future use, and make the most of existing buildings.  His background in construction and project management has proved useful in the planning stages of the Reuse Arts District. 

In his spare time, Pete enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Alice and dog Bodhi.  His passion for low-waste and efficient living was heavily influenced by a two-person, 18 month sailing trip on a 36 ft sailboat from California to Australia.