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Tim Weaver
Shift Lead

Tim Weaver grew up in the bustling metropolis of Elizabethtown, NC. He went on to attend East Carolina University and attained a BFA Studio Arts Degree with a Concentration in Illustration. 

With two years of experience in the thrift and reuse industries, Tim’s expertise leans towards logistics and warehouse management of donated goods, as well as assisting customers with their donations and processing donations to get into customers’ hands.

When he has a moment to spare, he’s either drawing or looking for new pencils to collect (it’s a thing, believe it or not). He loves cute, chonky animals (especially cats), 80’s campy horror films, and Costco food court pizza.

One of the things he loves about the Scrap Exchange is seeing a donation get a second (or third) life. A piece of metal, a bit of wire, maybe something that may be a little broken or missing a piece, but the right someone has that “A-ha!” moment and takes that thing home and does something new with it.

If he had to pick a favorite quote at this moment, it would be: 

“Utah! Get me two!” 

Angelo Pappas, as played by Gary Busey in the cinematic classic Point Break