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Light Switch Covers – Comics


05/22/2020 – 06/05/2020: Join our light switch cover creativity contest! Purchase a light switch cover kit, get creative with it, and post your creation on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #lightupyourscrap. Grab some of these awesome light switch covers as inspiration!


These fancy light switch covers will add a fun touch to any room! Support a local artist!



These fancy light switch covers will add a fun touch to any room! They also make great, easily portable presents for friends that are far away.

Most of these light switch covers have the name, date, and issue number of the comic where they can be found on the back of the cover. They make perfect presents for comic book lovers of all ages!

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Batgirl, Annoy, She Hulk, Hulk, Alf, Witch Double, Spiderman Double, The Flash, Hell Boy, Dan Clowes, WW – Poison Control, Purple Cat Woman, DC Poison Ivy, Cat Woman on the Street, Joker 1, Haywire, Green Lantern 1, Baker Street Graffiti, Cat Woman Defiant, Dare Devil, Joker 2, Professor X, Delirium, Dani Moonstar, Ghost Rider, Velvet Glove, Green Arrow, The Sandman, Green Lantern 2, Death from Sandman, Wonder Woman and Death, Wild Cat, X-Men First Class, Dr. Strange, Cat Woman and Superman, Bat Girl, Joker 3