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Pleated Premium- CLOSEOUT SALE!!


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These masks are made with pleated fabric and include a bendable nose piece.  We are putting them on CLOSEOUT SALE because they are made with 1/2″ black elastic (a little thicker than the regular masks we make) for the ear loops.  This elastic was all we could find during the COVID shortage in May and we’re passing the savings along to you.

Wearing fabric masks is now being suggested both for increased protection and in the interest of public safety. These masks are made out of tightly woven fabric with elastic loops.  If you have a style or color preference, please indicate in the notes section.  We cannot guarantee that we can fill the order to your specifications but we will try our best.

Need more than one? How about ten?  Use the coupon code BULKSAFE for orders over 10 or more to get $1 off each.

Need more than ten? How about 30?  Use the coupon code COVIDSAFE for orders over 30 or more to get $2 off each.