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Since 1991, The Scrap Exchange has been collecting industrial discards and materials for arts and education. To fulfill its mission, the organization collects these materials and distributes them through its national-model creative reuse center, which includes a retail store, art gallery, design center, workshop/open studio space, administrative offices, and warehouse/storage areas. The Scrap Exchange provides a wide range of programs and services to the community, including collection and drop-off donation services for materials, low-cost resale of reclaimed materials in its retail store, and an extensive outreach program that provides hands-on, creative arts programming, both locally and regionally. The organization also offers volunteer and job-skill development programs that serve people with disabilities, school and community groups, individuals pursuing court-ordered community service, Teen Court offenders, and senior citizens. In 2017, the organization served more than 1,106,333 individuals, businesses, municipalities, and other nonprofit organizations across the Southeast. This number is reflected through the scope of services as outlined in this Annual Report