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The Scrap Exchange retail store includes an Artist Marketplace that sells handcrafted art using repurposed materials from local artists and crafters. The art/products in the Marketplace must be made from reusable materials or have an earth friendly component. The Scrap Exchange sells work on consignment for artists, using a 60/40 split. (60% goes to the artist and The Scrap Exchange retains 40%). If you are a Crafty Friend Member, the split is 70/30.

The Scrap Exchange offers the following:
The Scrap Exchange will sell your work in the marketplace 7 days a week. We may display your work at special promotions and events that celebrate local artists and the marketplace such as Art Walk weekend occurring twice a year, along with various traveling exhibitions. We also highlight art on our website, in our blog, on social media and in Craigslist advertisements.

Artist requirements:
Please submit this completed application with 3-5 pictures of your work and a $10 application fee. The $10 application fee will be waived for artists who have an active Friends Membership with The Scrap Exchange. Applications will be reviewed by a committee and you will be contacted within two weeks. If selected, a viewing appointment with the store manager is required prior to selling any of your work in the marketplace. Once you are accepted, we will have you fill out a Microsoft Excel inventory sheet. We will ask you to tag your work using your own labels in addition to the labels provided by The Scrap Exchange. We remove the Scrap Exchange label when we ring in a sale so that we can enter the sale into our database.

Business name: __________________________________
City: _________________
State: ______
Zip ______________
Phone : ________________
email: _____________________________________________________________
Website: ___________________________________________________________
Approximately how many items would you like to display? ___________
What is the price range of your items: _____________

If accepted to the Marketplace we will ask for a short artist bio including what types of things you make, what your creative process is, where your materials come from, and any other information that you would like to share with customers. Please include a photo with your bio (it can be a photo of you, your work space, your work, your cat or whatever you want to share with customers). Bios will be displayed in the Artist Marketplace with your work.

Please return this completed application and photos to the store or via email to store@scrapexchange.org.