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Working on a big project? Restocking your craft materials? Buy a mixed bag of supplies at The Scrap Exchange!

Choose a small, medium, or large bag and fill it with as much as you can stuff inside.

  • small bag – $5.00
  • medium bag – $10.00
  • large bag – $20.00

What’s For Sale?
The Scrap Exchange retail store is a never-ending source of inspiration! We receive NEW materials daily and sell them at 50-75% off their original retail price. As well as selling bags of materials, we also sell items individually.

Our stock is constantly changing, but these are some of the things we usually have…

  • boxes
  • bubble wrap and packing supplies
  • CDs and CD jewel cases
  • cards and envelopes
  • cardboard cones and tubes
  • fabric
  • foam core board
  • glass and plastic bottles
  • labels, envelopes, and mailing supplies
  • laboratory equipment
  • stone and marble scraps
  • mylar
  • notebooks, folders, and office supplies
  • paper
  • picture frames and matboard
  • stickers
  • tile
  • wood and metal scraps
  • and much, much more!

Store Hours
11 – 7  Sunday-Friday  /  10-7  Saturday

Directions to the store.